The Redeemed Motorcycle Ministry Inc, a group of Christian men and women motorcycle riders who have been called to a united desire to reach out to the local community to proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord.

They achieve their calling by: Supporting the work of local community groups and service organisations –  Accepting invitations to attend and speak at churches.  – Speaking to the youth through schools, church and para church organisations, encouraging them to take an active and positive role in the community. Also to avoid drugs and alcohol which in the end will damage and ruin their own future, instead putting their faith in Christ alone and his guiding word.

Many members of The Redeemed come from difficult and disadvantaged backgrounds but have overcome their adversity through faith in the risen Christ. When speaking to youth they speak from a position of experience and authority that only someone who has been through such trials can do. It is the hope of The Redeemed that their new life in Christ will be a positive role model to the youth of today who face far greater challenges.

The Redeemed Motorcycle Ministry became The Redeemed Motorcycle Ministry Incorporated, in August of 2014

Your Servants in Christ

The Redeemed

The Constitution of The Redeemed Motorcycle Ministry Incorporated

The Redeemed Membership Application Form